About Me

Hi, I'm a part-time writer and illustrator with a passion for SF. I'm also a professional spacecraft engineer with a passion for SF.

I have been drawing spacecraft since before I can remember and it was no surprise to anyone except me, that I ended up working for a company that builds spacecraft. Funny thing is until I 'discovered' the web in 1999 I did nothing about my pictures. Since then, despite my day job, I have produced illustrations for UK small press magazines and done some book cover work with independent authors.

Some of my better stuff can be seen here: http://rcdg.daportfolio.com/

My cartoons have been gathered in this blog: https://rcdg-art.blogspot.co.uk/

Due to poor self-control I write fiction too. My short stories have been published in all sorts of places.

Stories can be found on Smashwords. There is page on this site pointing to the ones available.

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