About this Blog

This blog started out to be about ideas, seeds of ideas and information shared that might lead me or you to a story, an image or a sideways thought to act as a stepping stone to something new. It has evolved me talking about my stories and images trying to explain how I came up with the ideas or how I created the images there.

Here are a few examples:

What was the first human tool?
Why a heroic king in a story is still a dictator.
Painting Aviatrix Two in Krita

If you wonder how random my mind can be take a look at my YouTube list Things that make me think.  These are views from all sorts of sources that,,,well, make me think.

To misquote Terry Pratchett: thinking is good, try some at home.

There could be random cat pictures too, apparently there are not enough of them on the Internet and I like helping out.

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