Saturday, 1 March 2014

Inspiration from all directions

Everyone should look for all kinds of inspiration (this will eventually lead to chickens, honestly).   I reckon its the best exercise for the mind, even if you don't want to create something.   +Scott Robertson is a brilliant concept artist and his books are full of ideas and how to develop ones of your own.  He also has a great YouTube channel where he shares his advice and experience.    It's well worth reading his books or simply visiting his channel.  Recently he produced a video about Chris Ayres.  He is another artist of great skill with an inspiring story.  Search for him and his 'Daily Zoo' books, or find the video.

Anyway it lead me to sketch a silly picture about my neighbour's cockerel.  In my very urban life I like to here it crowing, I thought the hens might not.  Here's the picture, I hope you like it.  Inspiration is a wonderful thing.

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